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December 24 - 28, 2013. Anna Frants. Video & audio-installations.

video & audio-installations
In gallery halls

Anna Frants last of  pre New Year’s exhibition series started in 2006 in Borey gallery.
Like in previous years artist will present audio and video installations.
Like all of Anna Frants’ works, this installation is part fantasy and part instinctive immersion bound by programming and robotics.


Cyland audio collection


Audio compilation
Cyland MediaLab

Curators: Sergey Komarov and Vlad Dobrovolsky

Work by:
Nick Edvards, Peter Vogel, Hans Tammen, Dmitri ::vtol:: Morozov, Kurvenschreiber, Vladislav Dobrovolsky, Art Electronix, Pete Um, Jonas Gruska, Yoshio Machida and Vasily Stepanov

Cyland MediaArtLab was founded by artists Anna Frants and Marina Koldobskaya in 2007.


The Angel



Anna Frants and Martin Doudoroff
3D animation

The Angel is a one-and-a-half minute 3D computer-rendered cartoon from 1995.  The subject is inspired by a joke. The Angel won prize at SouthSide Film Festival in Bethlehem, PA in 2006.


Weather Forecast-WINTER/SUMMER


Anna Frants and Elena Gubanova
MediaLab Cyland
Video, Cotton Wool, Threads

What were you doing in the winter of 1980?  And in the summer?  And what made the winter of 2009 memorable for you?
What image will first come to mind late in life if you are to close your eyes?  The project Weather Forecast-WINTER/SUMMER is an attempt of the artists together to reflect on the paradox of time that is slow and, at the same time, transient. Winter....summer.....winter....summer…


Reflection on Life No. 125082



By Anna Frants; Robotics and Computer Programming by Alexei Grachev
MediaLab Cyland
Metallic Conveyor Belt, 3D Print, Arduino, Hand-knitting
Sizes: Vary

It’s been said that Yuz Aleshkovsky created the following schedule for his son’s edification:
8:00 To wake up
8:05 To brush your teeth
8:15 To reflect on life
8:30 To have breakfast
And so on.

In the work “Reflection on Life No. 125082”, the numbering is provisional; let’s say that it starts from the date of birth No. 0, and the image in the reflection on live No. 1 should probably be seen upside down, the way a baby is supposed to see it…
Do the “exercises of reflection on life” make us better, wiser or kinder?  I don’t know.  Let’s leave this to the son of Aleshkovsky.
I still think that the “Reflection on Life No. 1” is akin to the “Reflection on Life No. 125082”; needless to say, this is true if one doesn’t delve into the RULES OF THE GAME that by now have been committed to memory.

Anna Frants


Object #3 from series “Made in Ancient Greece”


Anna Frants and Cyland MediaArtLab
Size: Variable
New York, 2013

Clay vessels were made in Ancient Greece for multiple purposes. Placed on an agora, they were a receptacle for vine, grain or oil for sale. Installed over a grave, they played the part of a funerary monument. In city houses, various cylices, amphorae or phials had both the utilitarian and decorative functions. But no matter what purpose they served, those vessels were always storytellers. There were stories depicted on them: scenes from the everyday life, tales of faraway cities or myths about gods and heroes.

In the series “Made in Ancient Greece” by Anna Frants, classical vessels continue to tell stories by visual means, only, instead of black or red figures, the artists uses contemporary videos proving that an object from the past could be a great vehicle for a narrative about the present.
Ridiculing snobbishness of our conventional thinking, sculpture plays on principles of our vision, time that long term memory takes to pulls out cliches, and perfect proportions of the Greek pottery.

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