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29 December- 2 January 2010. Anna Frants. Installations.
video & audio-installations
In the halls of the gallery

Anna Frants is a New York based video and net artist. Usually internet serves as network that hosts many individual, fully encapsulated, unconnected artistic efforts. These artistic islands, despite occasionally referencing each other, do not form an internet-aesthetic whole. Nor has internet yet been used as means to build works of art requiring high degree of artistic collaboration, not possible in the physical world. Anna Frants is known to work on the projects that would bring different artists together embracing the greatest communication medium that ever existed — the Internet.
Her accomplishments reflect the broad range of interests she has. She has been awarded the top prize for the best 3D computer animation at the prestigious computer graphics competitions such as Autodesk Planet Studio Award. She has participated in and curated numerous art exhibitions in United States and Russia, for number of years have been teaching media studies and animation  and also published articles on art. Works can be found in KyoseinoSato Contemporary Art Museum (Japan) and in private collections.
Connecting life as an artist in Russia and in America, Frant's video is set in a frozen, harsh and unforgiving setting where occupants are filmed amidst routine of working hard to find and claim their daily bread. Among the crowd, one bird has notably different movements and it becomes clear he/she is sick or injured. Set to Beethoven's Sonata, the impeded pigeon is the weakest in the bunch but nonetheless uniquely different, and thus rises as the star.



Polar Bear Fodder by Anna Frants
Arctic Circle-New York

This audio-video installation combines sights and sounds of the “Wild North” with the newest technologies. It consists of five old tin cans and a big screen. The viewer handles the cans, and each of them triggers a video on the screen, made at the North Pole and set on the songs of the indigenous people – droning, yet very rhythmical. Judging by the video context, the artist wants to remain a neutral observer. Thus, the viewer gets a portion of control and some food (or fodder) for reflection – on the future of the North Pole and the relationship between an artist and a viewer in contemporary art.


Jumping Jacks by Anna Frants
From the Series “Made in Ancient Greece”
New York

We are used to seeing the depiction of running or jumping athletes on the Greek vases. Five ancient amphorae in this installation have the same subject, except that, instead of the familiar red or black figures, we see on them videos based on Muybridge’s photographs “Human Figures in Motion” taken only about a century ago. This work of the 21st century could be called “post-post-modern” in that it proves that everything old (or very-very old) is new again.


∞ by Anna Frants
New York

This installation is utterly simple:  some life-size figure is molding… something.  The viewers will discover neither the identity of the creator nor the result of his creation, which should remind them that just a few centuries ago artists did not sign their works and that sometimes it took not one but several generations of Chinese masters to finish one objet d’art.  The viewers of this installation, however, will have an opportunity to contemplate the creative process that is as mysterious as it is infinite.

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